Analytical problem solving (Issue Analysis)

Based on leading problem solving programmes for the worlds top consulting and professional service firms for over 25 years, delegates will learn to:

  • Rigourously analyse complex business problems

  • Develop irrefutable conclusions and compelling recommendations

  • Develop more innovative solutions for clients

  • Work together with clients and team members more cohesively and effectively

  • Manage time and resources productively to increase impact and profitability

  • Integrate these skills with existing processes and tools into current engagements


This programme is the result of extensive research and experience working with leading consulting firms and teams to identify the best-practice processes and tools to solve complex and unstructured business problems.

What the programme will cover

The programme enables participants to increase the rigour and productivity of their own thinking and that of their team, improving their capabilities in the following areas:

Defining the scope of the problem to be solved

Analysis of the client͛s situation including the political and emotional context

Defining the objectives the client wants to achieve

Outlining the topics that need to be investigated

Defining internal outputs and external client deliverables

Planning how best to communicate recommendations


Collecting data

Framing the most important hypotheses that drive data efficient data collection

Knowing how to avoid bias and being able to define and ask the right questions

Ascertaining exactly what data needs to be collected and when

Agreeing on collection methods and sources and organising and displaying data

Achieving cost effective use of time and resources


Developing the logic

Knowing how to synthesise efficiently without losing sight of the client͛s objective and context

Drawing reasoned and clear findings and conclusions from raw data

Developing both practical and where appropriate innovative recommendations

Planning and setting up implementation in a way that clients will own fully


Building an aligned and effective team

Accelerating effective team working and team maturity

Identifying and assigning key tasks in the consulting engagement

Strengthening the ability to read, empathise with and adapt to others

Analytical problem solving

How individuals and organisations benefit from this programme

A common language and process that:
  • improves rigour of thinking and clarity of communication
  • identifies and substantiates compelling recommendations and solutions
  • manages and exceeds client expectations
  • integrates with existing processes and current engagements
  • improves internal and client / professional team working
  • maximises client impact and successful execution
  • increases engagement profitability

How we will embed learning

  • Workshops with managers on the leadership and processes required to maximise ROI.
  • Use of online orientations and process and tool overviews before any face to face training.
  • Participants work in teams on a case study (optional technology based gaming and simulation).
  • Highly experiential exercises and roleplays interspersed with tutor coaching, debriefs and peer reviews.
  • All case learning, processes and tools are applied to real world situations and integrated with existing approaches .
  • Follow up coaching on live projects with online resources and reference material.

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