Delegates will:

  • Get to the essence of their message more succinctly and efficiently
  • Structure their written and verbal communication more effectively so that the audience are more likely to understand, accept and act on what they hear
  • Know how to display information effectively and use visuals
  • Develop greater awareness and empathy and present with greater confidence
  • Use status and non-verbal influence in a culturally appropriate way to influence
  • Maintain audience interest through effective flow of messages, phrasing, use of language, tone and engagement techniques
  • Manage difficult audiences and challenging questions
  • Use story lining and story telling techniques to create a compelling and cohesivenarrative


Participants will increase the ircredibility and personal impact by developing the optimal structure, message flow and relevant visuals for their audience. By using true to life scenarios,they will practice how to create a strong connection with audiences and bring ideas to life so that their clients understand, accept and act on them. Overall consultants will increase their impact and productivity in both written and verbal communication.

Effective presentation structures
  • Understanding the audience needs when planning the appropriate structure, level of detail and visuals
  • Recognising how to develop and present your lines of argument
Translating data into messages and logic into storylines
  • Crystallising your data into main and supporting messages
  • ­Mastering the storyline – knowing how to frame your conclusions and recommendations with supporting findings into a logical,clear and coherentflow
Effective use of graphics
  • ­Using visualaids selectively to add colour and impact—to enhance not obscure or confuse your message
Influencing and delivery techniques
  • ­Using story telling to engage the audience—relating materials through the use of metaphors,analogies and personal stories to fully involve the audience
  • Developing awareness of how body language,to new of voice and words combine to create status,impact and credibility
  • ­Effectively handling questions and counter-arguments, avoiding defensiveness and maintaining control
  • ­Using visualaids selectively and with impact—for audience benefit rather than presenter benefit
Tricky client conversations
  • ­Handling questions and counter-arguments effectively, avoiding defensiveness and maintaining control

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