Delegates will:

  • Identify when a coaching approach is most appropriate with colleagues and clients
  • Know how to build powerful coaching relationships
  • Understand what it means to be a steward of transformation for others and how to to develop their mindset and skills
  • Use a wide variety of coaching approaches to expand people’s ability to take effective action and create wider communities of collaboration and commitment
  • Be able to diagnose where coaches are stuck, foster new ways of being, skills and practices, transform people’s point of view about themselves and their situation and elicit powerful new commitments
  • Apply best practice coaching models for maximum impact


Participants develop the mindset, skills and behaviours of an effective coach through highly experiential scenario-based role plays which illustrate the key phases of coaching. Participants works on developing rapport, questioning skills; strengthening their emotional intelligence to read between the lines, explore what really matters and unblock and empower the coachee. During the different scenarios participants develop fluency in setting up coaching relationships and applying different coaching models.

The fundamentals of coaching
  • Understanding the difference between coaching and other forms of management interaction and recognising when coaching is an appropriate intervention
  • Developing the right mindset and emotional intelligence to be an effective coach
  • Learning and applying best practice coaching models for maximum impact
Building rapport
  • Enrolling a new coachee through the definition of implementation objectives, commitment and possible obstacles
  • Creating a platform for a strong coaching relationship through verbal and non-verbal techniques
  • Recognising when coaching is an appropriate intervention
Turning insight into action
  • Empowering coachees to enable them to take action and remove obstacles
  • Helping coachees to recognise what internal and external resources are available to them
  • Using effective questioning and powerful speaking to create breakthroughs, manage resistance, gain commitment and generate action

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