Consultative Selling
Business Development For Professional Services
Expanding Client Opportunities
Strategic selling
Transformational Account Management
Proposal Writing And Presentation
Pursuit Skills Development
Winning The Competitive RFP Opportunity
Negotiation Skills And Dealing With Procurement
Personal Effectiveness: Executive Communications
Vital Signs – Finance For Client Managers


CSI’s expertise in business development goes far beyond the fundamentals of sales. In fact in services we have found a ‘non-selling’ approach more successful in terms of building a long-term sustainable business stream.

Opportunity and account planning are vital of course, and a core part of what we provide, but are not enough to ensure results.

Business development by addressing tools, behaviour and psychology

A key element of CSI’s work is helping individuals design the series of critical conversations that will make or break their biggest deals. Our application of research into consulting diagnostic tools, key influencing behaviours and buyer psychology allows professionals to develop the intellectual agility, communication skills and behaviours needed to win the hearts and minds of battle-hardened executive decision makers.


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