Analytical Problem Solving
Interviewing And Data Collection
Core Consulting Techniques
Client Communications
Managing The Consulting Engagement
Client Management / Engagement Delivery
The Trusted Advisor: Advanced Client Development
Coaching For Performance
True Professionalism: Professional Behaviours


We know from 20 years’ experience with consulting firms that what differentiates the top performers is a unified and consistent approach and terminology. This frees consultants to focus on generating valuable client insight rather than debating their internal process.

Rigorous process also ensures that the firm’s values, practices and behaviours underpin the consulting engagement and that the client receives the highest quality of delivery every time.

We believe CSI has trained more management consultants globally than any other firm. We work with some of the world’s top consulting firms to improve the intellectual and behavioural skills of their people from business analyst through to senior partner, helping them achieve greater productivity, stronger client relationships and more fulfilling careers.

As well as technical skills, we place a strong emphasis on how social skills can contribute to success. Rather than simply accepting that an individual’s personality is fixed, we believe these softer skills too can be taught and developed. As one of our delegates put it: “IQ can take you so far, but emotional intelligence can make all the difference.”


Analytical Problem Solving


The programme content is the result of extensive research with leading consultancy firms and Blue Chip management teams. This has enabled us to identify a rigorous analytical process and a series of best-practice tools that provide internal and external consultants with the knowledge and skills to effectively solve unstructured, ambiguous business problems. These skills have been found to be equally applicable to senior managers and decision makers.

This programme is about the consulting process – equipping delegates with the tools and thinking skills for the consulting assignment. Analytical Problem Solving delegates will learn to:

Interviewing And Data Collection


This programme is designed to help consultants, managers and others engaged in any forms of structured research, to improve their data collection skills from a range of different sources. It mixes case study work, concept and methods but the emphasis is very much on practice, coaching and feedback.

Core Consulting Techniques


Participants become more intellectually and socially confident and know how to play to their strengths during an engagement. They will recognise and be able to adapt their consulting style and mental models, see the broader strategic context, analyse and articulate strategically and develop a roadmap for change.

Client Communications


Participants will increase their credibility and personal impact by developing the
optimal structure, message flow and relevant visuals for their audience. By using true to life scenarios, they will practice how to create a strong connection with audiences
and bring ideas to life so that their clients understand, accept and act on them.

Managing The Consulting Engagement


This programme focuses on the role of the manager in engagements who must lead
a team and win the respect and trust of clients. It is for those who are about to
manage or have already managed engagements.

The Trusted Advisor: Advanced Client Development


Based on the findings of multiple studies of over 1100 interviews with senior
executives and Trusted Advisors, this programme will make you more relevant and
compelling to senior executives so that you differentiate yourself and your

Coaching And Performance


Participants develop the mindset, skills and behaviours of an effective coach
through highly experiential scenario-based role plays which illustrate the key phases
of coaching. Participants works on developing rapport, questioning skills;
strengthening their emotional intelligence to read between the lines, explore what
really matters and unblock and empower the coachee.

True Professionalism: Professional Behaviours


This highly experiential programme explores what it means to be a professional and
develops the necessary practices and behaviours for participants to become
ambassadors of their firm. In an interactive and high-energy forum, there is extensive
use of role-plays, case studies, active and reflective exercises, one to one coaching
and peer feedback to explore how to exemplify professionalism.

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