Developing and implementing strategy

Programme agenda:

Based on global best practice of major consulting firms, participants will learn how to identify and develop opportunities and develop a strategy and how to engage their organisations or clients in implementing that strategy. Specifically they will:

  • Develop a framework and approach to assess strategy

  • Explore and develop market opportunities and internal requirements to capitalize on those opportunities

  • Develop business cases around each opportunities

  • Plan next steps effectively

  • Understand how to communicate at senior levels as a thinking partner and presenting your strategy recommendations succinctly and clearly

  • Learn how to enlist others and creating a compelling implementation roadmap


Our experience and research over the last two decades has identified how to assess and develop strategy and critically how to increase and focus people in a co-ordinated way to implement strategy. Leaders go through a number of phases as they master these invention, ignition and implementation skills:


Challenging your own and the organisation͛s assumptions about the future

Generating bold possibilities and scoping these into strategy, targets and projects

Becoming an ambassador of the vision and strategy, inspiring others



Enlisting others as co-creators and creating organisational urgency

Putting people to the test and coaching them in the fundamentals of breakthrough performance

Building dragen slayer teams building a set of core values around all for one, and one for all teamwork



Maintaining a future focus — delivering the vision through rigorous and co-ordinated action and communication

Converting opposition to momentum — winning over resistors and increasing energy and commitment through visible wins

Repeating successes whilst looking for the opportunities to consolidate progress and achieve further unprecedented goals


How individuals and organisations benefit from this programme

  • Greater view of what’s possible within  the business.
  • Greater motivation and alignment in their organisations and/or clients.
  • Clear framing of strategy.
  • A plan including stakeholder engagement, addressing risk and implementation issues and how to win over resistance to change.

How we will embed learning

  • Workshops with managers on the leadership and processes required to maximise ROI.

  • Use of online orientations and process and tool overviews

  • Participants work in teams on a live materials or relevant case studies (optional technology based simulation)

  • Highly experiential exercises and roleplays interspersed with tutor coaching, debriefs and peer reviews.

  • All case learning, processes and tools are applied to real world situations and integrated with existing approaches

  • Follow up coaching on live projects with online resources, reference videos and articles

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