Our coaching is around the key principle that you have to focus on trust all the time and being a trusted advisor is a common goal for all professionals.

So how do you stand out? What can make the difference to ensure you are perceived as the most trusted?

In a crowded and often commoditised market, clients always have choices. They will tend to favour a provider with whom they have a meaningful personal connection.

This means that professional service providers must act with integrity and always build trust.

Here are 9 key guidelines:

  1. Never assume you automatically have trust. Keep up your awareness so you notice when you lose it
  2. Recognise your own personal reactions
  3. Notice where there is a risk around assumptions, eg greetings, negotiation, etc
  4. Keep monitoring what is said and the different understandings of what is said
  5. You need to become skilled at reading multiple people and the overall mood in the room
  6. You have to be flexible in approach and maintain your business focus at the same time
  7. You must always be ready to adapt to unexpected situations
  8. Consider the political, rational and emotional elements in every conversation
  9. Keep a clear vision of your business goals and the framework you work in

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