Fundamentals of change management

Delegates will learn to:

  • Understand what change management is and your role in enabling it
  • Develop the self-awareness and strengthen your skills as a change agent
  • Become more effective at diagnosing and managing change at an individual, team and organisational level
  • Understand how people see change in terms of threat and reward and how to address any anxiety, lack of motivation or commitment.
  • Recognise and manage different stages of the emotional cycle during the change process
  • Use actionable frameworks and tools to increase success rate

What the programme will cover

Participants will strengthen their ability to diagnose and manage change through more effective stakeholder management, culture change and leadership alignment. They will also gain confidence in designing interventions using a practical framework and toolset. Risk of failure in change projects can be minimised by understanding the consultant’s role and the impact of change on stakeholders. Organisations will experience improved leadership alignment and better management of stakeholder expectations.

Leading change

  • Understanding the benefits of using frameworks to inform, not limit, thinking
  • Becoming aware that behaviours and culture are critical to successful change and a core part of daily business
  • Recognising change as a series of critical skills, processes and behaviours that are grounded in research

Scoping change issues and needs

  • Developing political awareness and sensitivity to human aspects of change
  • Understanding the phases of change and what makes change sustainable
  • Recognising the evolution of change as both organisational and individual

Changing mindset and culture

  • Strengthening ability to manage projects that increase likelihood of change being successful
  • Highlighting potential obstacles early on and winning over key stakeholders
  • Educating clients and colleagues on the challenges of change and delivering compelling messages to key stakeholders

How individuals and organisations benefit from this programme

  • Greater self-awareness around role as change agent
  • Stronger stakeholder relationships and management of expectations
  • More effective management of different change scenarios
  • Greater leadership alignment
  • Increased productivity from change effort

How we will embed learning

  • Workshops with managers on the leadership and processes to maximise ROI.
  • Use of online orientations and process and tool overviews before any face to face training
  • Participants work in teams on a live materials or relevant case studies(optional technology based gaming and simulation)
  • Highly experiential exercises and roleplays interspersed with tutor coaching, debriefs and peer reviews.
  • All case learning, processes and tools are applied to real world situations and integrated with existing approaches
  • Follow up coaching on live projects with online resources, reference videos and articles

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