We believe most sales programmes fail to address the challenges of complexity, commoditisation and competition in a converging market.

After designing and leading global business development programmes for a leading IT services provider for the last ten years, we recognise what works and what doesn’t. Sales professionals and their companies must go beyond the industry standard approach to meet growing client demands and expectations.

Recent research into buyer behaviour highlights how much more sophisticated and discerning decision makers are and how they expect sales professionals to engage them rationally, emotionally and politically. Buyers conclude that IT partners and suppliers must adapt in five ways, by:

  1. Contributing more compelling and original perspectives about the industry and the customer
  2. Diagnosing customer issues and opportunities before offering a value proposition
  3. Developing business cases with real data that explicitly highlight assumptions and probabilities
  4. Co-creating future customer scenarios and identifying critical success factors
  5. Representing the collective capabilities of their company not just the ‘flavour of the month’ or what they know best

How Selling Needs to Change

For sales professionals in leading companies this means:

  • Including not just consultative tools and techniques but shifting your established mindset of selling. Moving from deal maker to ambassador
  • Focusing on not just how the customer’s needs are changing, but how the entire industry is changing including the customers’ customer
  • Positioning yourself as a thinking partner, co-creating the customer’s long term future and helping the customer avoid short term decisions that compromise longer term potential needs
  • Sustaining learning beyond training and on the job learning to more penetrating and rigorous periods of practice and review

Mindsets and behaviours

Only by addressing the mindset and behaviours that clients are demanding will the results follow. Our clients tell us that the benefit of applying our approach has led to:

  • $750m increase in pipeline in five months
  • Winning largest deal of any IT player in Europe in one year
  • 40% margin increase in one division within three years
  • Record profitability for one industry leader for last five years


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