Strategy Acceleration: 6 Leadership Blindspots

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”  Mike Tyson Leaders create strategies. Leaders can also accelerate those strategies. What would it mean if your people were really focusing on their customers, scanning the future and alert to competitive disruption? What difference would it make if they could move beyond the status quo to where value was

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The Seven Sins and Ten Virtues of Learning

The 70-20-10 principle of executive development is well established. We all know that only ten percent of a professional’s learning should come from event- based training and will need reinforcement in the workplace. E-learning initially appeared to be a great way to underpin this with generic and customised Apps and VODs, Comps and Quizzes to shore up learning. So why

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Benchmark your Business Development Process

You are a successful professional services organisation with a proven track record, so why would you want to question your client management? Perhaps your client is suffering from consultant fatigue, having undertaken several major consultancy projects over the last year and feels the use of more consultants going forward will lead to criticism of their management of resources. A client

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