• consulting skill
    Consulting Business Market: The Five Key Trends This Year
    Consulting Business market has about five key trends this year, around which we offer coaching and consultancy. What to expect in consulting business this year? 1. Mergers and Acquisitions There is currently an active mergers and acquisitions market in consultancy. Large firms (predominantly Big Four) are doing most of the acquisition, building...
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  • latice
    How You Can Stand-Out in a Complex, Competitive, Commoditising World
    We believe most sales programmes fail to address the challenges of complexity, commoditisation and competition in a converging market. After designing and leading global business development programmes for a leading IT services provider for the last ten years, we recognise what works and what doesn’t. Sales professionals and their companies...
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  • trust
    9 Ways to Step Into the Shoes of the Trusted Advisor
    Our coaching is around the key principle that you have to focus on trust all the time and being a trusted advisor is a common goal for all professionals. So how do you stand out? What can make the difference to ensure you are perceived as the most trusted? In a...
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  • next_gen_cons
    3 Ways the Next Generation of Internal Consulting Has Changed Forever
    Over the last few years we have seen a rapid development in the impact and skills of internal consultants to the point where, in many cases, they provide capabilities unmatched by external consulting firms. Here we look at the next generation of internal consulting and the implications for those working...
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  • cult_sense
    Why Cultural Sensitivity Should Not Be An Afterthought
    Cultural sensitivity is critical to the work CSI does with clients. CSI has worked in over 60 countries and we recognise that our work is dependent on appreciating the differences and nuances amongst participants as well as being able to coach participants to appreciate these in their clients. What Do You...
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  • specs_icon
    7 Ps to Help You to Live What You Learn
    It's critical that coaching and training don't stop in the session or the classroom. Our clients typically achieve around ten times their investment in fees, and create long term positive change, when they follow our 7 principles for embedding learning. The return is often many multiples higher (150x is not unknown). The simple...
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