Managing the consulting engagement

Delegates will learn to:

  • Manage the thinking, the team and the client in any complex engagement more effectively
  • Identify client’s rational, emotional and political drivers to build trust and help overcome resistance from stakeholders
  • Apply the research on best practice principles that help their teams to excel and to build trust and loyalty with their clients
  • Understand the dynamics within your client organisation and apply a variety of approaches to facilitate client change
  • Gain greater client trust and satisfaction


This programme focuses on the role of the manager in engagements who must lead a team and win the respect and trust of clients. It is for those who are about to manage or have already managed engagements.

What the programme will cover

Participants will explore the different leadership and management demands of the engagement manager role through the key stages of the consulting process. Topics will include:

Working with the client to clarify the objective and engagement expectations ­

Building the team and creating a high performance trusting environment

Setting expectations with the client and the team

Facilitating the analysis and challenging the thinking in one͛s team

Leading the key phases of the engagement

Managing quality and creating moments of truth with the client that illustrate quality

Creating compelling conclusions and recommendations

Leading client communication and facilitating the communication and relationship building process with your team

Distilling the thinking into provocative thought leadership

Coaching team members

Managing challenging conversations with both the client and team members

Understanding the dynamics of facilitating change in order to stimulate positive change for clients


The seven stages of managing the consulting process

  1. Clarifying client expectations
  2. Briefing and building the team
  3. Preparing the thinking
  4. Conducting the analysis and managing the data collection
  5. Managing the synthesis, preparing communication and key presentations
  6. Coaching the client to lead the implementation and developing change agents
  7. Managing client expectations and closing the engagement successfully

How individuals and organisations benefit from this programme

Individuals will:

  • Be more adept at managing challenging engagement situations.
  • Manage and exceed client expectations.
  • Be able to integrate their learning into projects immediately.
  • Increase their productivity.

    How we will embed learning

  • Workshops with managers on the leadership and processes required to maximise ROI.
  • Use of online orientations and process and tool overviews before any face to face training.
  • Participants work in teams on a live materials or relevant case studies (optional technology based gaming and simulation).
  • Highly experiential exercises and roleplays interspersed with tutor coaching, debriefs and peer reviews.
  • All case learning, processes and tools are applied to real world situations and integrated with existing approaches.
  • Follow up coaching on live projects with online resources, reference videos and articles.

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