Negotiation Skills and Dealing with Procurement

Delegates will learn to:

  • Understand people͛s motivations in negotiation
  • Outline people’s typical negotiation styles
  • Prepare for successful negotiation
  • Apply the most effective tools, principles and tactics in a variety of scenarios
  • Deal with conflict constructively

What the programme will cover

This highly interactive and experiential Negotiation Skills programme helps participants to appreciate the complex interactions and relationships in negotiation. It explores the processes, tools, techniques and behaviours that lead to success for both parties. It is supported by extensive research into buying behaviour from clients and procurement teams and the winning negotiation skills and behaviours of top professionals. The outcome will be greater confidence when negotiating at any level, stronger relationships, and higher success rates.

Changing your approach to negotiation

Understanding the motivation and persuasion behind negotiation­

Being realistic about what is possible and handling your expectations appropriately


Awareness of personal style

Recognising the qualities which help and hinder negotiation ­

Managing team member personalities


Negotiation tools

Applying six rules for success ­


Dealing with conflict

Understanding why conflict occurs ­

Applying a four-step process to handle conflict


How individuals and organisations benefit from this programme

Participants will be able to:

  • Formulate a clear action plan for any level of negotiation with clients and procurement professionals
  • Manage any conflict situation more confidently
  • Sustain client and procurement relationships throughout the process

Organisations will:

  • Be able to sustain margins through greater consistency in managing value and avoiding discounting.

How CSL will embed the learning

  • Advise managers on the leadership and processes required to maximise ROI.
  • Online orientations and process and tool overviews before face to face training.
  • Team based case study on live situations (optional technology based simulation).
  • Highly experiential exercises and roleplays interspersed with tutor coaching, debriefs and peer reviews.
  • All case learning, processes and tools are applied to real world situations and integrated with existing approaches.

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