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Our clients are in the technology services, engineering, consulting, professional services, manufacturing, oil & gas, financial services, FMCG, retail, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications sectors as well as business advisory, functional professionals and internal consulting teams across a range of Fortune 500, FTSE100 and public sector organisations.

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Thousands of companies globally have used our services to increase their sales, boost profitability and exceed client expectations.


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What our clients say

We have achieved a consistent 9.7 Net Promoter Score – core themes:

  • True business partner.
  • Deep expertise & broad range of solutions.
  • Fully customised experience to fit culture and goals.
  • Experience backed up with the latest thinking.
  • Nice people to work with.

Anya Langer

COO Depsys & Former Head of Cisco Consulting Services

Des Woods

Chairman Cambridge University Executive Education Professional Services & Former Head of HR Linklaters & Head of HR EY

Kris Denton

Global Head of Consulting WNS & Former Global Head of Consulting Wipro, McKinsey Partner & Accenture Partner

Mike Mister

Partner PSFi & Former Global Head of Leadership EY

Mike Griffiths

Managing Director

Hank Sinclair

Chairman, Sinclair Group


Led leadership development, strategic change, and consulting programmes wit UK and USA retail giants. Results include up to $351M savings, up to $1.1B new revenues, and decreasing loss up to 66% within 36 to 60 months period.

  • Created $351m savings and $1.1b additional new revenues over 5 year period working with strategy teams on 11 strategy projects.
  • Turned around £3b loss to £1b over 3 years through series of strategic breakthrough projects on cost reduction, customer service and new. product commercialisation.
  • Generated additional revenues of $310m over 18 months in previously underperforming stores through leadership development, improved customer service and collaboration between Head Office and store managers.
  • Major UK retailer created consulting change teams that generated over £160m in additional sales and £74m in savings in 36 months.

Consulting and Professional Services

Comprehensive experience working with top UK, Europe, and Global consulting and professional services firms. Results include up to 51% growth, up to 45% sales increase, 55% gross margins, and up to 285% exceed targets and plans within 1 -5 years period.

  • Top 20 firms developed leadership skills at all levels to increase employee engagement from 63% to 81% and increase sales by 26% over a year.
  • 117 new Partners generated $562m ($4.8m each and a 45% increase on previous years) within their first 12 months from a top 10 management consulting firm.
  • Partner had largest win in firm’s history ($80m) during the Consulting Breakthrough Program
  • Operations consulting firm experienced 51% growth with 55% gross margin over last year following series of business development programs
  • European technology consulting firm experiencing record growth rates from 17-22% pa over last 4 years following training curriculum at all levels
  • Consulting business unit of Indian outsourcing firm experienced record revenue and margin growth over last 9 years.
  • Scandinavia region in global firm exceeded plan by 285% through Partner and Principal development
  • New hire “Introduction to consulting programmes” for 8 of the top 20 firms.
  • All 18 Partners of a strategy firm, 12 months after promotion won between $7-$15m following Consulting Breakthrough Program and specifically mastering thought leadership, networking and business development skills
  • Leading global technology consulting firm experienced 23% growth and increased margins from 16% to 27% over last year following series of business development programs
  • Senior Director exceeded all Partner revenues during Breakthrough Program
  • Partners exceeded targets by 113% in their first year in the French office of a top 10 firm following a new business development program
  • Consulting unit of technology leader increased margins from 22% to 67% over 4 years through developing consultative and selling skills
  • Technology consulting firm experienced record growth over 5 year despite stagnant market
  • Healthcare consulting achieved record revenues in last 3 years through consultative selling and consulting-problem solving programmes
  • Market research group increased overall revenues by 7% and revenues in consulting by 17%, and profitability by 33% overall by strengthening collaboration across its data, research, and consulting divisions to generate new client leads.
  • Professional services firm developed leadership skills at all levels to increase employee engagement and retention and increase sales by 26% over a year
  • Awarded “Best virtual internship” across industry for a major professional services firm
  • Senior Partner programmes on client engagement to produce
    breakthroughs in revenues and margins
  • Increased revenues by 17% in first year through Consultative selling programmes to Partners in firm of Chartered Surveyors

Engineering and Energy

Worked with multi-disciplinary teams in various global engineering, oil and energy firms. Results include up to additional $1.5b business, up to $440m increased revenues, and up to $450m savings within 1-3 years period.

  • Oil field services leader created record profitability between 55-62% margin for last 6 years in digital and services division by developing innovative new solutions that integrated expertise from multiple business units.
  • Multi-disciplinary teams trained to identify internal and external spending efficiencies globally. Identified and realised £300m in savings during 1st year.
  • R&D teams trained in consultative and intern create “Innovation on-demand” centres to increase responsiveness to business unit needs.
  • Technical teams from multiple alliance partners trained in common consulting processes and techniques in $3b project. Achieved $450m in savings across life of project which initially was considered impossible.
  • 180 engineering professionals received 2 x 3 day Trusted Advisor
    programmes and increased revenues from $760m to $1.2b in first year.
  • Generated $57m of consulting engagements in new division within engineering firm in first 12 months where previously expertise was given away for free.
  • One participant generated “An additional $20m of business from the re-scoping exercises we learnt the week before”
  • Global bid team produced record revenues within first 2 years following “Selling High-value services” programme
  • Generated an additional $1.5b over 3 years through creating integrated solutions across services business units using consultative programs for multi-disciplinary teams.

Financial Services

Led consultative selling programmes and breakthrough projects on customer service and new product development with global bank and financial services firms. Results include profitability of around £1.1B and increasing assets by 14%.

  • Produced £1.1b in profitability following £3b loss from multi-disciplinary “breakthrough projects” around customer service, new product development and consultative selling.
  • Client Directors for Investment Bank increased assets by 14% from stagnant base following consultative selling programmes.
  • Internal consulting team of major credit card provider trained in common language and process to increase productivity and client impact.

FMCG & Manufacturing

Part of consulting group of global FMCG leader and worked with global manufacturing leader. Results realising up to $2.4B savings, up to $841M profits, and improving project efficiencies by over 20% within 18 to 48 months period.

  • Global FMCG leader created a consulting group to identify efficiencies across brands, functions and geographies. Over 4 years the group realised $2.4b savings and better collaboration with trade unions.
  • Global FMCG leader improved project efficiency by over 20% and senior management evaluation from 3.6 to 4.6 out of 5 within 18 months through better strategic problem-solving and presentation skills across divisions.
  • Manufacturing leader high potentials identified $1.3b of savings in consulting problem-solving workshops and realised $841m over 4 year period.
  • Trained team of subject matter experts and high potential teams to find efficiencies across manufacturing sites globally. Identified and realised over $1.8b of savings in 8 years.


Extensive experience with top global technology firms providing Trusted Advisor consultative skills and behaviour programmes for over 4k professionals from project management, sales, account managers to client directors and their teams and services consultants.
  • Project Management professionals generated on average an additional $511K per person over a 2 year period through developing Trusted Advisor skills and behaviours.
  • Increased year-on-year revenues by an additional $475m by training and coaching 280 Client directors & their account teams to diagnose client needs and generate integrated solutions.
  • Increased customer satisfaction from Trusted Advisor, thought leadership, solutions development & “General Manager Mindset” programmes for 1800 professionals to lead the transition from commoditising products to high-value services.
  • Trusted Advisor consultative skills and behaviours programmes for 1200 services, technical and Project Management professionals to create opportunities and increase margins.$500K-$2m of additional revenue opportunities over last 4 years.
  • Diagnostic skills, senior manager engagement and account development coaching for account managers of a global software leader. Company has achieved record profitability each year for 9 years to date.
  • Training and coaching 340 sales professionals to create thought leadership and engage clients “Best training we have done to date globally” SVP.
  • Training 160 account managers, technical & services professionals to apply design thinking. “You really helped us deliver on these must-win opportunities.” VP.
  • Research into the technical services professional of the future.“This report stimulated us into
    long-overdue action” VP.
  • Increasing revenues by 23% and client satisfaction from 4.1 to 4.6 out of 5 over 18 months through running CXO engagement programmes to 260 professional services consultants

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