Million Dollar breakthrough Program

Million Dollar Consulting Breakthrough Program™ is a 12-month mentorship and coaching program for any consultant or senior executive with at least 10 years B2B experience who is building a consulting business targeting corporate clients i.e. companies from $50M turnover to Global 1000.

Program Objective

We help experienced professionals transform their consulting business from having uncertainty and unreliability in their pipeline, proposition, and processes to building sustainable, super-profitable, and scalable businesses.

Many consultants struggle around consistently growing a highly profitable consulting business. We train and coach you in the mindset, skills, processes, and behaviours in marketing, sales, delivering, and scaling so that you find better, larger, and more profitable engagements and a sustainable business that gives you fulfillment and freedom.

At the end of the program, you will have the roadmap, tools, and resources you need to grow your revenues to One Million Dollars USD and beyond.


The Million Dollar Consulting Breakthrough Program™ is a comprehensive coaching and business mentorship program that builds your capabilities in marketing, selling, delivery, and scaling your business so that you can confidently build your business to Seven Figures and beyond.

It includes personal development, mentorship, accountability, consultancy, collaboration, and community to help you attract new clients and build a sustainable and super profitable business that inspires you and your clients and gives you more freedom and fulfilment.

In our Program, you will be a part of a community of experienced consultants and senior executives, and world experts in consulting. The team who will be coaching you have not only each built seven, eight and nine figure businesses themselves and coached over two hundred and fifty thousand consultants over 30 years but work as part-time faculty at Oxford and Cambridge University, Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School and London Business School and have access to the latest best practices in consulting, psychology and business.

Stage One: Create Your Pre-Eminence Strategy

Stage Two: Develop your Marketing Strategy and Pipeline

Stage Three: Master Consultative Selling

Stage Four: Deliver Exceptional Engagements

Stage Five: Accelerated Growth

Program Delivery

Million Dollar Consulting Breakthrough Program™ participants have access to skills, accountability, and mentorship in the following ways:

1. Private Jump Start Call
In the first stage, we help you develop your Strategy of Pre-eminence and build the fundamentals of a Seven Figure Consulting Business Model. We examine how to strengthen your proposition and how you can differentiate your firm and your pricing models.
This will be done in our Jump Start Launch Call. This is done live, one on one or in small groups, in your first week.

2. Personal One to One Coaching
Every month, there is a Million Dollar Consulting Breakthrough Program™ one to one coaching where you will review your progress, identify development areas and specifically work on and practice key skills and behaviours that you need to master to accelerate your growth. You will have specific goals and criteria to guide your development.

3. Scale to Seven Figures Mastermind
Twice a month we run our Scale to Seven Figures Mastermind. Here you will join other firm leaders who are working to build their business to seven figures and beyond. You will meet regularly to set goals, help each other, and problem solve. These mastermind meetings are facilitated by Mike Griffiths personally, but are participant-led.

4. Real-Time Feedback
Million Dollar Consulting Breakthrough Program™ participants have access to a special Slack channel that allows you to ask questions immediately when you have them (think Facebook Group that always remembers). Million Dollar Consulting Breakthrough Program™ staff will be available to answer those questions, but in addition, you’ll be able to get help from other consultants who may be further along in the program than you. Either way, you’ll get the support you need.

5. Peer To Peer Coaching
This is where you will come together to practice and role-play key elements of your presentations, offers, and other key sales and marketing strategies. Think of it as a safe place to “sharpen your saw”.

6. Accountability Partner
You’ll be paired with your own accountability partner from the program who will set goals with you every week of the program. You’ll both check in with each other every week to stay on track, help each other on your goals each week and accelerate your way through Million Dollar Consulting Breakthrough Program™. This will help keep you motivated and moving forward toward your goals.

Planned Additional Resources

1. Learning Center
Each stage will have live and recorded video units along with assignments. Each assignment takes you one step
closer to the completion of your milestone in that stage.

2. Personal One to One Coaching
We are assessing a custom CRM and marketing automation software subscription with enhanced training and
support, as well as 10,000 ‘email sends’ a month for 12 months.

This software subscription and associated support plan provides:

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) functionality
  • Email Marketing functionality
  • Marketing Automation functionality
  • Website Building and Hosting functionality
  • Booking and Appointment functionality
  • Virtual Training Hosting functionality
  • Premium Video Training Library
  • Support Desk Service

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