It’s critical that coaching and training don’t stop in the session or the classroom.

Our clients typically achieve around ten times their investment in fees, and create long term positive change, when they follow our 7 principles for embedding learning.

The return is often many multiples higher (150x is not unknown).

The simple principles below are key to maximising the impact of training. Conveniently they all begin with ‘P’!

  1. Psych up – make the mandate and rationale of the professional development clear to all participants. Participants need to know the ‘why’ before the ‘what’
  2. Personalise – ensure that managers work with participants to translate the group’s performance gap into individual performance objectives and, in turn, into learning objectives
  3. Practise – participants need to practise what they have learned within days of the training.  Practice is about thoughtfully prepared repetition against a clear set of criteria. Remember that the pain of short term discipline always outweighs the pain of long term regret
  4. Peer review – encourage consultants to review all the materials with colleagues monthly and to discuss live opportunities weekly. Just 15 minutes review every week will have very significant benefits over six months
  5. Personify – embedding new ways of learning is like a change programme. Managers must lead by walking the talk, exemplifying and insisting on the new skills and behaviours. Create a legacy that goes beyond you as a manager by developing proactive graduates as coaches. A cadre of internal coaches will keep up the momentum and reduce dependency on you as a manager
  6. Praise – recognise and reward those participants who demonstrate that they are applying the tools and adopting the skills and behaviours taught. They don’t have to be the best, just committed to learning and improving
  7. Promote – look for every opportunity to recognise people’s capabilities and potential. Instil pride by catching professionals doing things well or focusing on strengths. Research clearly indicates that appreciation and statements of conviction in people from a senior figure is a catalyst to performance.

To learn more about how we work to ensure our coaching lasts beyond the classroom contact us.

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