“The best development I’ve experienced in 30 years.”

Kris Denton, Accenture Partner, Global Head of Wipro Consulting (former McKinsey Partner)

“To quote several members of our team, “Consulting Skill are the very best at what they do that we have seen.” When we most needed to improve our sales skills, we engaged them. They are truly gifted consultants and trainers, and in addition wonderful role models. Their work with us has directly affected our bottom line.”
Hank Sinclair, Chairman Sinclair Group

“These programmes were like the best elements from my Harvard MBA – we’ve had great traction and rolled them out across the entire workforce.”

Sanjay Poonen, CEO, VM Ware (formerly CEO SAP Solutions)

“I worked extensively with CSL on the Trusted Advisor Account Acceleration work in Europe over the last couple of years. We targeted the Enterprise Sales teams (Product AM, Services AM and Delivery leads) and ran several extremely successful workshops in EMEA. Based on this success we asked CSL to also run courses in APJC. In my view, this work was some of the most effective training we did.”

Nick Earle, SVP, Cisco (now SVP Global Field Operations, Hyperloop)

“We have engaged CSL to develop and roll out custom programmes around building commercial and consultative skills. CSL always develop a clear understanding of the business issues before starting. They ask good questions and probe our thinking, so that they understand the context and frankly we wind up better understanding ourselves. The work has been enthusiastically developed by our staff (we’ve never had 100% ratings from all our sales people before) and in demand because of the results they produce.”

Al Escher, Head of Consulting, Schlumberger

“There are very few professional development firms who act as if they are jointly responsible for my income stream. CSL are leaders, not just advice givers; you don’t train in the traditional sense – you work alongside me. Unlike most training or advisory firms CSL provide hard tangible techniques to engage people and produce results. You get the most out of CSL when there are big results to play for. They are most distinctive when there’s a sizeable, noticeable gap in performance.”

Robin Dickie, Former CEO, Barclays Bank (now performance coach to CEOs)  

“CSL are the the only firm we could think of that could tame a group of experienced consultants from McKinsey!”

Bryan Tantzen, GM, Cisco (former McKinsey)

“Now we have clear strategies and targets. A team who feel like they’re a team. Before working with CSL our meetings were unproductive. Now people listen, build on each other’s ideas, support one another. I think this is why we’re now number 2 in the market when 3 years ago we were number 5.”

Richard Manners, MD, Warner/Chappell

CSL have never let me down in the 15 years I’ve worked with them on consultative skill building, sales and strategy.

Gene Minnich, CEO, Reservoir Group (formerly SVP IHS Markit)


In addition here are some real testimonials from graduates of our programmes. Because of the sensitive nature of our work we have made the quotes anonymous.

“Just wanted to let you know that I have been put forward for our Senior Manager panel this year and am currently writing the business case. Also I have today been asked to take over the management of our Core Consulting Team consisting of all of our junior consultants from business analysts to consultant level.”

“The role really excites me, as I have said to you before transferring my skills and knowledge to others and helping people develop is what I enjoy doing and get satisfaction from on top of day to day delivery, this role gives me the opportunity to transfer what I have learned about behaviours and perceptions from you to others to help them develop.”

“The work we have done together has helped me tremendously in the last year and has contributed significantly to getting me to this point, I had given up when we started – so thank you very much for your support and belief! Still some way to go, but watch this space!”

“Our consultative sales training is happening globally and I was part of the first Consulting Methodology cohort in the UK – what a great way to start 2014! The course creates the one global approach we need to build a cutting edge consulting practice. The tools and techniques will not only improve the quality of our work, but also reduce effort and institutionalize re-use. The course was fast paced and interactive, and a great case study gave us all an opportunity to ‘swarm’ and ‘pivot’ around our client.”

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