The Trusted Advisor: Advanced Client Relationship Development

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Manage the transition from subject matter expert to Trusted Advisor
  • Develop lasting relationships at any level and particularly with senior executives
  • Master critical client conversations that foster credibility, rapport and trust
  • Design compelling events that form an exceptional impression with clients (Moments of Truth
  • Act as an ambassador and represent the collective capabilities of their firm
  • Develop proactive inquiry and thought leadership approaches that differentiate them from their competition and provide more sales opportunities
  • Develop personal effectiveness in challenging executive client communications
  • Distinguish between those clients who just want to take your ideas and those who value a reciprocal relationship

What the Programme will cover

Based on the findings of multiple studies of over 1100 interviews with senior executives and Trusted Advisors, this programme will make you more relevant and compelling to senior executives so that you differentiate yourself and your organization. You will understand how to build new or existing relationships with senior executives, broaden and grow your client base and represent the interests of your whole organisation. You will be able to build the kind of credibility where you can deeply understand your clients͛ needs and how they define value, framing issues and opportunities, offering compelling thought leadership, exploring potential options as equals and co-creating the future together. You will be able to develop client loyalty that commands a price premium and develops a sole source relationship.

Personal effectiveness as a Trusted Advisor

  • Develop the mindset and behaviours of an advisor­
  • Articulate the questions that raise your credibility and stimulate conversation
  • See beyond the immediate content to the areas of wider context that matter
  • Strengthen your ability to frame and reframe client issues and lead the thinking
  • Handle challenging conversations in a productive manner that strengthen rapport
  • Increase non-verbal executive presence and know how and when to alter your status

Build relationships that go beyond a transaction

  • Understand what your clients really want
  • Develop a collaboration that moves from discrete to repeat engagements
  • Understand the key conversations that enable clients to buy from you

Clients for life

  • Understand how to convert a project into a sustainable client relationship
  • Develop approaches for staying relevant and not being boxed in as a provider of just one area of expertise
  • Manage the level of non-billable investment that is meaningful to your client

How individuals and organisations benefit from this programme

Participants will be able to:

  • Build client relationships at all levels
  • Know how to identify those potential clients who will become long term partners
  • Lead client’s thinking and articulate powerful points of view that reveal blind spots
  • Actively manage their network forcurrent and future gain
  • Turn difficult client situations into long term successful relationships

How we will embed learning

  • Workshops with managers on the leadership and processes required to maximise ROI.
  • Use of online orientations and process and tool overviews before any face to face training
  • Participants work in teams on a live materials or relevant case studies (optional technology based gaming and simulation)
  • Highly experiential exercises and roleplays interspersed with tutor coaching, debriefs and peer reviews.
  • All case learning, processes and tools are applied to real world situations and integrated with existing approaches
  • Follow up coaching on live projects with online resources, reference videos and articles

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