Armond Mertikian has 20 years’ business experience, as a management consultant, venture capitalist and trainer. He has a broad knowledge across many industries with a focus on corporate venturing, digital technology and growth strategy, honed in organisations such as KPMG, DiamondCluster International and London Business School.

Armond has worked with CSI since 2005 and is the Head of Consulting Curriculum where he delivers and develops programmes that improve participant capabilities by applying best practice methodology to real life scenarios. He draws on his years of consulting and training knowledge to equip clients with practical ways to deal with complex business problems, improve their sales effectiveness and manage their professional career development.

Having started his consulting career at KPMG, Armond became a founding member of the firm’s corporate venturing unit, to create a vehicle for KPMG to partner with enterprise spin-offs. As a senior consultant at DiamondCluster, Armond managed several major change projects, primarily for the mobile telecoms industry in the UK, Spain, Portugal and South Africa. In his capacity as manager of the Business Planning Unit at London Business School, Armond advised companies through early growth stages and helped them raise over £100m in seed capital. Since 2002, Armond has operated as an independent professional providing consulting services to a variety of industries including the financial sector, utilities and electronic media. He has written articles and spoken at conferences in the specialist field of acoustic fingerprinting and recommendation systems and their impact on digital music.

Armond has lectured in strategy at a number of business schools and he is a visiting lecturer at a centre for leadership development in the former Soviet republic of Armenia on innovation, business planning and negotiation. He holds a degree in Economics and German and an MBA from London Business School.

His passion is music – as a fan, collector and (really mediocre) guitarist. He loves to cook, entertain and travel. Armond is also a qualified yoga instructor.

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