Edward Wilton is a business consultant with over thirty years’ experience as a business leader, international entrepreneur and adult educator. He works with clients in the UK, Scandinavia, France and USA and travels extensively throughout the world conducting seminars and workshops on their behalf.

Ed pursued a first career as a professional teacher in the United Kingdom. He moved to Finland to take responsibility for installing executive language training programmes into Finnish corporations. He was later recruited by Berlitz East Asia Inc as a regional manager to help establish that organisation in Japan. From there, he joined Executive Language Services (Japan) Inc as Executive Vice President.

Ed returned to the UK in 1971 where he advised major corporate clients on inter-personal communication problems and led a team of consultants in implementing language transformation programmes in internationally merged organisations. This involved direct contact and relations with board members and top management of many of Europe’s leading companies.

Simultaneously, in partnership with Richard D Lewis, he established Linguarama Ltd with whom he remained until 1989. During this time, he was instrumental in building businesses in the UK, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Japan. As director responsible for the German subsidiary – a joint venture company with Encyclopaedia Britannica – he gained an intimate experience of the American board room. As Managing Director of Linguarama, he was especially involved in taking that company public in 1988.

In addition to his work with CSI, Ed is an executive director of Richard Lewis Communications plc, an organisation specialising in cross-cultural awareness, and for whom he carries out client work facilitating management teams in overcoming cultural differences.

Ed holds both BA and MBA degrees.

A keen sailor and golfer where, in both cases, enthusiasm exceeds competence, makes Ed particularly sensitive to practical learning requirements.

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